Ufo Book Review: Abduction

I give a two thumbs up rating to Abduction by Dr. Paul and David Hartman. This short book, which I read in an evening, is an account of a UFO abduction written by abductee David Hartman. Dr. Paul, who identifies himself as a mental health therapist, used hypnotic regression to help Hartman recall his experiences and then put the experiences in chronological order for the book.

In brief, Hartman disappeared from a lonely Texas highway and then reappeared near the same spot fifteen months later. Under hypnosis he recalled his abduction by a UFO crewed by tall brown aliens. The aliens planned

to return him to Earth the next day, but Hartman escaped the UFO by hiding in a shuttle that was returning another captive to a distant, primitive world. Hartman found the inhabitants of the primitive world were humans who were innocent of ideas of private property and who lived in lawless harmony. By introducing new ideas and technology to this world, he sowed discord there until the crew of the UFO that abducted him originally found him again and returned him to Earth. Thus, the story can not only as a UFO abduction account, but also as a parable about human nature and society.

Viewed as a parable, the book provokes thought. As a true story, the book has a few

deficiencies. For example, to believe the story--or to believe almost any recent UFO abduction story-- the reader must accept faster-than-light travel. No such scientific or technological problems stand in the way in the portion of the story about Hartman’s stay on the primitive planet. No mysterious technology existed on this world. I did observe, however, the natives of the primitive world had a very quick understanding of crimes, which are abstract concepts, yet they were slow to accept something as simple and concrete as a couch.

I read the second Kindle edition of Abduction. This edition includes an appendix of questions and answers that came up after speaking engagements of Hartman’s. My difficulties with the story were not addressed by the appendix. I must comment that this edition of the book is well edited. I saw none of the errors in formatting or spelling that often make self-published and independently published books difficult to read

I sum, Abduction is a parable that is both diverting and provocative, but I doubt the story is literally true.

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