There Once Was A Poet Named Kloess

Two thumbs up for "Well That was That," a new book of limericks by Martin Kloess. I bought it, read it and reviewed it--and you should too! Both Smashwords and Amazon are selling the ebook. I read the Smashwords edition, and it delighted me. Kloess constructs limericks with great skill. His limericks are friendly and funny as well.


The First Couplet

Limericks have a three-part structure. The first couplet introduces the subject; the second couplet delays the punchline; and the last line is the punchline. Kloess's limericks have titles, which he chooses with care. These titles reduce the work the first couplet

has to do. For example, he writes the title "Is This Guy Cooking or What" for a limerick that begins with this couplet:

Her lips spoke to him of desire

Her passion would soon spark a fire.

For the most part, the initial couplets Kloess writes tease or misdirect the reader.

The Second Couplet

Kloess uses the second couplet to delay the punchline with real skill. He always gets the chuckle that leads to the laugh at the end. When guys eat beans,

Their hot air a joke

Till one lit a smoke.

The limerick ends with a bang.

The Punchline

I won't spoil any limericks by giving away the last lines. I will point out that the last lines makes us laugh and reveal who we are by identifying what we think is funny. That's right, a limerick pulls down our pants, but in a friendly way.

A Few are Risqué

Some critics, G. B. Shaw for example, think that if a limerick isn't obscene, then it's not a limerick. Shaw wouldn't

like Kloess's collection of limericks. As a rule they're not dirty. Perhaps a few are risque and have a thumbprint or two on them, but most are whistle clean.

As a Southerner, I can't imagine how Kloess could live in San Francisco and write clean limericks. He's a remarkable man. Personally, I wish Kloess would send his muse to Nantucket for vacation. I'd like to read the result.

An Immaculately Formatted eBook

Working with user-generated content websites like Triond very quickly teaches writers how hard it is to edit your own work. Katy Stancil edited the book and, I assume, gave the text its readable and spacious look. Kudos to Katy.

"Well That Was That: A Humorous Take on Relationships." The Poetry of Martin Kloess, Volume 2. Wyld Pegasus, LLC (June 7, 2012).

The unabridged version of this article with links to buy the book from Smashwords or Amazon appeared on Triond's Bookstove website July 6, 2012: 

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