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Director Clark Baker made his short film "Vessel" with the help of Kickstarter. Those who contributed funds to the project must know by now that their money was spent well. This Sci-Fi gem tells a story that's as strong as any episode from Rod Serling's "Twilight Zone" and adds 21st-century special effects.

Rating: Thumbs up

Watch it. It's less than fifteen minutes long, and it's fun. I supply a link to the film on YouTube at the end of the article. If you have the bandwidth, you may prefer the HD version on the film’s website. I put that link at the

end of the article, too.

Story and Screenplay

The film is set aboard a passenger plane, Liberty Flight 298. A UFO captures the plane and then the fun begins.

Twin brother writers Ross and Matt Duffer put together this story from familiar elements, but they did so in a very clever way. I have never seen a film this short with as many allusions to other Sci-Fi films, television shows and games. The allusions make the film enjoyable the second time you see it, and "Vessel" is worth seeing a second time.


The actors are professionals who understand their roles. In a short film things have to happen fast. Opportunities for an actor to establish a character in this film are brief, almost too brief. Some players in “Vessel,” however, distinguish themselves in a flash. Julie Mintz gives a memorable performance as the stewardess. Taylor Pigeon, who was only six years old when “Vessel” was filmed, plays her role with charm.

The Creature

Yes, the film has an alien creature. Although the costume and the additional CGI effects are familiar, they are done well. The movements of the tentacles, for example, are quick and convincing. Don’t eat calamari before you see this film.



is very important to me, especially in science fiction films. For the record, I hated the music in "The Hunger Games." Don't get me wrong; I don't expect to leave the theater whistling "The Predator's Theme." I do expect music to enhance the film. Composer Austin Wintory did great work for "Vessel," and I thank him for it. Hats off to Sound Designer Mark Camperell as well.

Viral Marketing?

At the beginning of the film, careful listeners hear talk between the pilot and the ground about two missing Dash 8's. The air traffic controller tells the pilot,"We've had two Dash 8's take off, but we've lost contact with them." “Vessel” premiered May 18, 2012. About one week later reports of a sighting of a UFO by the crew of a Bombardier Dash 8 appeared on various websites and blogs. Aliennewz uploaded a video from an allegedly anonymous source to YouTube. The video shows a ground view of a UFO passing a Bombardier Dash 8. Coincidence? Joke? Viral marketing? I'll go with third choice.

Link to “Vessel” on YouTube:

Link to the “Vessel” website and the HD version of the film:

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