Award-winning Horror Comedy Short "artistic License" You Can See Online Free

This short film is professional quality with excellent editing and cinematography. Moreover, it's a funny video that features good music. There's not a moment wasted as the story moves toward its twisted conclusion. If you like "Scream" and its sequels, you'll like this one.

"Artistic License" Dir. Jonathan Moxness. 2007.

The short "Artistic License" won the Audience Choice and Best Film awards at the 2007 Calgary Underground Film Festival.

Amateur film makers often make short horror films for 48 hour film contests. The object of such contests is to make a film in 48 hours and show it at a festival the day

after the the time limit expires. These films havemicrobudgets and feature amateur crews and actors. Nevertheless, the resulting films are often better than the bloated films of Hollywood. "Artistic License" is one of the best amateur horror film. The version on YouTubeis a second cut, so presumably it's more polished than the film shown at the festival.

The film opens on a killer dismembering a body and splashing blood on his teddy bear. A trio of young people comes to visit him because one was impressed with his work in a gallery. The film moves briskly and in unpredictable ways to an ironic conclusion. In

a word, I found it funny.

The editing and camera work are nearly perfect. I thought a scene in which a hook hanging from the ceiling made a shadow that obscured the face of an actress. I doubt this was done on purpose, but if I were the director I would have left it in as well.

After watching the video, I was surprised it didn't win an award for the music. The director Jonathan Moxnessalso wrote original music for the film. It's great Halloween music.

Caution: If this were a commercial film, it would be rated R in the U.S. because may be offended by language and graphic scenes. YouTube, however, hasn't put any age restrictions on the video. Watch the video by pasting the URL below into your browser: 

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